About Us

SaBitoE (Sandra's a Bit of Everything) was created because I found myself creating different things all the time! I have always liked crafts, so I would try a different medium and see how it would turn out!!
My Fairy Doors, for example, are very cute and get a lot of attention from my customers! They come with Fairy dust which makes it even more magical.
I also like to upcycle furniture. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an old and unwanted piece of furniture regaining its life again and getting ready to be loved!

I am also an Official Stockist for Posh Brats, a family company based in Cheshire that produce the most amazing, and enchanting Bath Bombs, Soaps and Body Products. All their products are Natural, Handmade and synthetic chemicals free.
Have a browse through all the products......You will not be disappointed!!
I am very proud to be a Posh Brats Stockist.


Begin with Nature